We could not review N&P Garden Services highly enough!

Job description: Creation of a 2 tier garden – top tier patio, bottom tier grass. 2 x retaining walls, one at the bottom of the garden, one to retain the upper tier. A ramp on one side and steps on the other.

The trader was chosen from several that were local. The manager made a very good first impression, spending a decent amount of time listening to what we wanted, discussing our needs & actually helping to provide the best solution. They were very easy to speak to, full of ideas and very passionate about the job. They kept in regular contact which meant that everything ran as smoothly as possible and also gave us peace of mind. Any issues were presented with a choice of workable solutions. The workmen themselves were extremely polite and friendly. There was a real feeling that they could not help enough, they even fixed the lock on the garden gate! Considering the amount of equipment and materials that needed to be out, they always left the job tidy and safe. James was very thorough and his attention to detail was noted, especially the way he curved the tile edges on the steps was a very nice touch. On the day the turf was being laid more resource were pulled onto the job and again the gardeners we so polite and approachable.

Work did not stay to schedule and did exceed the original quote. This was mainly due to adverse weather conditions. Any other additional charges were communicated to us at the time (eg soakaway, brick top on retaining wall)

We could not recommend N&P Garden Services highly enough!