Garden Revamp – Very happy with the work carried out!

The general brief was to lift and replace an existing patio and additional paving, and to take appropriate action to repair our existing lawn. We firstly agreed that the work would take place in two stages – to design and replace the patio and paving, and then to review and take the necessary action on the lawn. Based on our initial thoughts for the paving work, we discussed and agreed the design and materials options. Paula was extremely helpful in this process, explaining the benefits and disadvantages of all options, and arranging for samples of our preferred materials. Once we had chosen the paving we wanted, we were given an estimate of the cost, and a likely start date for the work. When we were given the start date, it was explained to us that this might change slightly, as the company’s approach to all jobs is to ensure that one proect is properly completed before moving on to the next. We were happy to accept this condition as we both feel that a job should be carried out properly rather than to meet an ambitious time target.

 The paving team were punctual, pleasant, hard working and (most appropriately) extremely professional and knowledgeable. Throughout the work we were consulted on any minor decisions needed, and we are extremely pleased with the result. During the process we agreed and added a number of extra jobs and, allowing for the additions, the work was completed in accordance with the estimate. Once the paving work was completed, we discussed the options for the lawn. Given the state of the lawn at the time, and the extent of the work required, we agreed that the best option was to completely re-turf. Due to the weather conditions, we agreed that the work should not take place until the state of the lawn was more favourable for the work to be carried out. Once conditions had improved, Paula contacted us again and arranged an estimated start date. As with the paving work, the re-laying of the lawn was carried out with excellent materials and to a very high standard. Overall, we are very happy with the work carried out.