Driveway Revamp

This customer had a small driveway as part of their rear garden.  Alongside the driveway was a polytunnel, chicken coop, small shed and grass area.  The area was on a slope of about half a metre drop from front to rear and half a metre from left to right.  We were asked to clear the area including the grass area, level it up and make a larger driveway/parking area in keeping with the house.  We also needed to clean and re-point an old stone wall to the side of the area where the lime mortar was crumbling.

The shed had an asbestos roof, so our first job was to organised for that to be removed by a specialist asbestos remover.  We then took down the polytunnel and brought in a digger to clear the area of existing gravel and grass/soil.

The wall was jet washed to remove any loose lime mortar before completely repointing the wall.

To be able to level up the area, we built a new stone raised bed at the lowest point using quarry stone and a set of steps up to the new level.  The raised bed was filled with top soil and the customer planted the bed with Lavender.

Hardcore was then brought in to create a compact and level surface suitable to drive over without it sinking and an armoured cable was laid around the new driveway/parking area for uplighters to be added at a later date.  The whole area was then covered with 20mm gravel.  As with most driveways or anything that you are going to put a regular amount of weight on, its not about the surface product, its about what the depth of subbase you put underneath.